Piano Lessons with
Mary Foster Grant, NCTM

12525 Madison Ave NE
Bainbridge Island
Washington, 98110

(206) 734-8985

THE GOAL of the studio is to help each student develop the balance of skills needed to play music with imagination and personal expression, and to build the independent learning skills needed to support a lifetime of music-making. 

Avoiding adherence to any single teaching method, I draw on the collective wisdom of generations of educators and composers from the 17th century to the 21st century.


Private Lessons (weekly): Technique, ear training, theory and history are all brought to bear in playing and interpreting music during weekly private lessons.

Piano Lab (weekly): Students use iPad apps and computer programs to work on theory, ear training and sight reading in a single skill approach.

Group Lessons (monthly): Students develop listening and performance skills, self esteem and camaraderie by sharing and discussing works-in-progress in an intimate, informal setting.

Studio Recitals (winter and spring): These celebrations in the hall downtown bring the entire studio together for two festive afternoons of music.

Local and Regional Opportunities: Students receive access to, and preparation for, Master Classes, Competitions, Festivals and Recitals in all areas of Performance, Theory, Composition, Improvisation, Accompanying and Chamber Music. 

Video and Audio Recording: Students have access to high quality recordings of their practice and performances for study, for auditions... for Grandma.



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