Mary Grant Piano Studio


Tuition includes weekly Private Lessons, weekly Piano Labs, monthly Group Lessons, two Annual Recitals, Summer Session lessons, Books and Materials through the intermediate levels .

Annual tuition is averaged over 10 months of the academic year. Payment is due at the beginning of each month, September - June. Summer Session lessons (July and August), which are pre-paid with your regular tuition, are not refundable.

An annual, per student registration fee is due in August, and is applied to general management and maintenance costs, standard books and materials, plus the following event participation fees: KMTA Music Carnival, Kitsap Young Musicians Festival, the WSMTA Music Artistry Program and the WSMTA Music Literacy Program. 

If I need to cancel more than 3 of your lessons during the Calendar year due to illness or studio activities (such as the WSMTA Music Artistry Program) and we are unable to reschedule during the academic year, I will offer additional make-up lessons for you during the summer session. (Does not apply to cancellations by the student.)

Lesson swapping can be done throughout the year, as available, using the online scheduling system.

Contact me directly for current tuition and registration rates.